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Frequently Asked Questions - Neuro Modulation

Neuro modulation involves the use of electrical or pharmaceutical interventions to modulate the activity of the nervous system, alleviating symptoms of neurological disorders.

Neuro modulation is generally considered safe when performed by experienced professionals. Risks are assessed based on individual health and specific procedures.

Yes, lesioning surgeries can be conducted with the patient awake. This allows real-time monitoring of neurological functions to ensure precision.

The choice between lesioning and DBS depends on the specific condition and individual factors. Lesioning offers permanent relief and is less expensive than DBS.

Recovery varies but often involves a hospital stay, followed by rehabilitation. Patients typically experience gradual improvement over weeks to months. Results can be immediate, but some improvement may continue over time as the brain heals. Full effects may take weeks or months.
Frequently Asked Questions - Neuro Modulation

Yes, neuro modulation, including spinal cord stimulation, can be effective in managing chronic pain conditions.

Side effects can occur and vary based on the procedure. These may include temporary sensory changes, speech difficulties, or device-related issues.

Yes, neuro modulation can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan, often combined with medications or other therapies.

The choice depends on the diagnosis, symptoms, individual health, and preferences. A thorough discussion with a neurologist or neurosurgeon is crucial.

While primarily used for neurological disorders, emerging research explores the potential of neuro modulation in addressing certain mental health conditions. However, its application in this context is still evolving.