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Suffering with a Neurological Problem? 

We  know exactly what questions are running on your mind !!!

          Will I become ok or normal ?

          What are the treatment steps ?

          How long will it take?

          Have you treated anyone like me?

          Is there HOPE?

One Stop Solution for Everything Neuro

Comprehensive Neurological Care Tailored for You

At PRS Neurosciences, we believe in providing end-to-end care to individuals across all spectrums of neurological health. Imagine the brilliance of a scientist's mind combined with the warmth of a mother's heart, guiding our mission to constantly improve the lives of our patients through personalized care.

Neurological Emergency

In critical neurological emergencies like stroke, head injury, and spinal cord injury, PRS Neurosciences responds with urgency and expertise. Our dedicated team ensures immediate, specialized care, employing cutting-edge interventions for optimal patient outcomes. Your well-being is our priority in every crucial moment.

Neurological Treatments

Our team prioritizes rapid response, utilizing advanced diagnostics and personalized interventions for optimal outcomes. Whether it's addressing strokes with clot-busting medications or tailoring treatment plans for head and spinal injuries, our approach is centered on compassion and medical excellence.


Neurorehabilitation is pivotal for positive outcomes, beginning in the ICU and extending until seamless reintegration into the community. This include Neuro-Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Swallow therapy, Cognitive therapy, Counselling and Medical Nutrition.


Patients Regained Functional Independence


Years of Cumulative Experience


Awards in the Field of Neurosciences


Hours of Therapy

The Bigger Picture

From Neuro Care to Neuroscience

Going beyond patient-centric services, we proudly offer a dynamic platform for academics, featuring classes, internships, and training programs. Our commitment to advancing neurological care extends to cutting-edge research and development in both clinical practices and mechatronics, shaping the future of comprehensive neurological health.

  • Academics & Training
  • Research & Development
  • Neuro- Mechatronics

What People say about PRS Neurosciences?

Mr. Vilas
Rtd. Officer, Stroke Warrior

Experiencing a stroke was tough, but PRS Neurosciences turned things around for me. Their caring team, special exercises, and friendly therapists made my recovery incredible. Now, I'm not just better; I'm even stronger than before. I can't thank PRS enough for helping me bounce back. It's more than a hospital; it's where they really care and make you feel better. I'm so thankful for my time there!

Mueenuddin Nawab Pasha
Father of Spinal Cord Tumor Warrior

We are extremely grateful to God that we came here. We are also grateful to the PRS team for their extreme hard work, sincerity, kindness, scientific approach, patience and for having my daughter rehab so quickly. My daughter who was unable to stand and walk without support is now after 2 months of rehabilitation able to stand stable and walk without support. I hope she recovers fully as soon as possible. I would like to thank Dr Sharan Srinivasan and the team of PRS rehab again.

MPT- Neurosciences Intern, RGUHS

My internship at PRS Neurosciences as a Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology was transformative. The hands-on experience with cutting-edge neurorehabilitation, collaboration with experts, and exposure to diverse cases significantly enhanced my clinical skills. The supportive team and mentorship provided a conducive environment for professional growth. This internship has been instrumental in shaping my career, and I am grateful for the invaluable experience gained at PRS Neurosciences.


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